Shawn Berry is the owner of N3RD Media a Minnesota-based website design and development firm that provides custom affordable internet-based advertising solutions to small businesses, start-up businesses, and non-profit organizations.

He has over 15 years of experience in website design and development and continues to research and develop new services to help his current and potential clients.

He has been a Rotarian of the Rotary Club of North St. Paul Maplewood Oakdale, Minnesota club for nine years and has been part of the Public Image Team since he joined the club and is currently the President of the Club.

Why develop something that already exists on the RI website?

After struggling to use the RI People of Action editor on my mobile phone at a conference, I decided to develop an app for myself. I shared the app with my Rotary District and they liked how easy it was to use, both on mobile and desktop. Therefore, I have thought it would be beneficial to all Rotarians and wanted to share it with all.

I decided to add a site around the editor to teach a user how to edit and add overlays to their photos. If you want to submit your photos for inclusion on our website, please click the Photo Submission link. I will be adding the photos to our front page slideshow and posting them on our social media. Make sure you provide your social media to be tagged!