How to use the App - Basic

– Go to or click the Photo App button on the top bar.

– Open a Photo or use a sample.

– Select Templates (the Rotary wheel icon)

– Select which Branch; Rotary, Rotaract, Interact, or the current Rotary Presidential Theme

– Select the People of Action theme

The overlay will be added to your photo where you can reposition and resize the theme.

Good Practice information:

     Center the overlay in the image,

     Try not to cover faces.

     Don’t overpower the image with the theme, the most important thing is to show the content of the photo.

– Once you have the theme where you want it, click the Apply button.

– If you are done editing the image, click Merge. This will combine the layers in the image.

– Click Save. This will download the image to your device.

– To start over, click Open -> Background Image or reload the app.


Other functions that you may want to use before you apply the POA theme:

– Crop

– Rotate

– Filters, change the photo coloring.

To add your Rotary Club logo, click Open -> Overlay Image and select your logo, move and resize the logo, keeping in mind the Good Practice Information above.

Last updated on January 31, 2019
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